About Us

Step up. Step forward.

The MFI Resource Page is a site dedicated to hard-working pastors and their staff seeking to honor Christ as they labor in their local churches. You will find on this site resources from MFI men and women who, by God's grace, endured until they were able to provide for others their best practices, choice nuggets of discovery, and hidden treasures of wisdom. Discover here theology helps, position papers, administrative aids, how-to material, and where to go for more. Our aim is to provide materials to strengthen your service in His church and navigate the world presently confronting us. The site will grow in wisdom and size; enjoy the journey with us.
At MFI, building healthy, strong, and influential leaders who will impact their communities is our central focus. Healthy leaders build healthy churches, and they set an example of godly character for the world to follow.
The resources we’ve curated come from proven churches within MFI in collaboration with Mannahouse Resource. We hope and pray that you are strengthened and encouraged by them.

Better Together.

We have the privilege of being a part of an ever-growing family! We truly are better together.